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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 17

The episode starts off with our Liars huddled around, talking, with Aria still bedrid. This “magic potion” that her new BFF Meredith is giving her looks to be creating her drowsier by the hour, that leads the cynic to believe that perhaps it isn’t MAGIC in the end.


Probably not, however you ne’er grasp. Anyway, they keep chatting (while, of course, somebody looks to be gazing them from outside the house — the currently commonplace Pretty very little Liars camera angle) and Aria expresses that Meredith looks to be as ravaged by all of this as she is. Before we tend to leave them, Aria says, in relevance the chance of her pop doing one thing unhealthy to Ali, “This is one family secret i can not keep.”


Equally intense: the music blaring out of the -A habitation. Who’s present? Well, we have this jerk:Toby and Anglesey square measure plotting one thing, with the previous speech that Spencer’s still lying concerning now not being to bear with -A. no matter they are plotting, toby fillpot jug thinks it’s being hurried, however Anglesey replies with “I told you, i am not the one vocation the shots.”

So -A is larger than Anglesey. that is terrific. perhaps -A is that the public utility. Like, Verizon or one thing. i do not grasp. simply shot at this time.

After a fast scene with Emily over at Toby’s spot (which feels like the nicest loft; super jealous of the -A cash he is apparently rolling in), we tend to see OMG Spring Breakers’ Ashley Benson Hanna and her Caleb/Riggins. Well, Hanna sees him, however he does not see her as he takes a cryptic telephony. the topic of the call: Anglesey and not property anyone hurt Hanna. sounds like he is additionally a-plotting.

When Hanna asks concerning the telephony, in alarming Riggins-lying fashion, he says that it absolutely was his ma. She does not believe him, however eventually simply makes him promise to not do something stupid. She is aware of something’s up, however is unsure concerning what it’s.

Next we tend to see sociologist and her evil man (this is setting out to get unhappy, as a result of she’s therefore falling crazy and he is therefore attempting to kill her). he is shirtless, as a result of he is changed into the Usher Raymond/LL Cool J figure of this show, and sociologist is preparing in her historically fantastic Spencer-wear.
Anyway, these days is their day of remembrance. however sociologist should move to some dinner compliance her pop, so that they cannot celebrate till the subsequent day. each parties seem to be unhappy (TOBY is not unhappy, SINCE HE HATH NO SOUL). when sociologist discovers a hole in Toby’s pants pocket (this is simply too weird of a detail to not become vital later on), Spencer’s Mariska-like ma walks in on the shirtless bag of evil standing along with her girl.

She tells sociologist that she cannot skip the dinner, Spencer’s bummed at ma, toby fillpot jug leaves, and then:

Mom was in on a thought the entire time. Apparently, sociologist isn’t reaching to the dinner and really shocking toby fillpot jug with AN day of remembrance dinner. this is often really cute. Spencer’s excited, and quite something, ma (who therefore usually has been some extent of strife in each her daughter’s life and mine) is excited. look into THIS PROUD MOMFACE once SHE LEAVES THE ROOM:

t’s with great care lovely.

After this mother-daughter love fest, we tend to see Aria, still sleeping, with Meredith snooping round the space. She’s craving for one thing. Aria wakes up, and Meredith goes into “Are you OK? Here, DRINK a lot of OF THIS MAGIC POISON” mode. They keep talking, then Meredith asks concerning the pages. Apparently, the sleep-death eli